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Navigation Medical Center and SPA

3003 Navigation Boulevard - Houston TX 77003
Phone: 713.223.4466    Fax: 713.223.1571
Internet: www.navigationmedical.com
E-mail: info@navigationmedical.com


This communication method is not intended for urgent or emergency situations. Do not send any medical information or medical details as this is not a secure messaging system and it's a Violation or Privacy policies (HIPPA). It will not be used to respond any medical advice.

This form is specifically designed for our patients as an electronic alternative of two way communication in a non-secure method. Do not provide any medical information. This form will help request a wide variety of services such as: Medication Refills, Appointments, and Referral status while the office is closed or if you want any representative to call back.
Please fill out the following boxes and then click send.
Also, if you are interested in getting more information about our products and services, please fill out boxes and click send.
Responses are usually returned within 24 business hours. This messaging system is not meant to be used for urgent requests. If you have an emergency, please dial 9-1-1.

Navigation Medical Center cares about your questions, request, opinions, and feedback. We strive to answer every message within 24 hours. Please keep in mind that any submission to Navigation Medical Center is subject to our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. Our Customer Care Team is available from 8 am to 5 pm Eastern Time, Monday through Friday. We regret to inform you that we can't give medical advice or answer individual medical and pharmaceutical questions through this message system, but we will get in contact with you via telephone or we will find you the first available appointment with our doctors. Message thought this website by its nature may not be a secure and private communication since it is sent over the Internet. We cannot guarantee your email to us or our response to you will be secure. If you think you may have a medical emergency, call directly or dial 911 immediately.


This communication method is not intended for urgent or emergency situations. It will not be used to respond any medical advice.

If you prefer to contact a member of our staff specifically, please see details below.

Miguel Brigante

Patient Care Coordinator for Dr Jaime Duarte

PBX Extension: 1027


Marisol Contreras

Medical Assistant Dr Gina Galindo

PBX Extension: 1023


Elizabeth Duarte

Billing Assistant

PBX Extension: 1026    Direct Phone: 713.225.0753


Jaime L. Duarte-Massey

Billing Coordinator

PBX Extension: 1025    Direct Phone: 713.225.0753


Edgar A. Guzman-Jurado

Medical Advisor for Dr. Sonia Moncayo

PBX Extension: 1010


Wendy Jackson

Patient Care Coordinator for Dr. Sonia Moncayo

PBX Extension: 1018


Yesenia Montoya

Front Desk Specialist and Medical Assistant

PBX Extension: 1004


Elizabeth Otero

Check Out Specialist and Medical Assistant

PBX Extension: 1000


Maritza Perez

Front Desk, Insurance Verification Specialist and Medical Assistant

PBX Extension: 1021


Ana Reyes

Medical Assistant for Dr. Jaime Duarte

PBX Extension: 1012


Janet Rodriguez

Front Desk Manager and Office Manager Assistant

PBX Extension: 1001


Luis Serrano

Patient Care Coordinator for Dr. Jaime Duarte

PBX Extension: 1016


Paulina Tobias

Medical Assistant for Dr Sonia Moncayo and MA Manager

PBX Extension: 1013


Daisy Zamora

Medical Assistant for Cassandra Cannon PA-C

PBX Extension: 1024


Kristy Zamora

Front Desk Specialist

PBX Extension: 1001


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